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The Original Songs, Volumn 1, Songbook

The Original Songs Written By Stephen Jenkins

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The first in a series of songbooks, these books contain the songs that Stephen Jenkins was inspired to write. This first edition, Volumn 1, contains 14 original gospel songs, many of which are written in that unique gospel swing style that is so typical of Stephen. All the songs are written in 4-part harmony hymn-score format making them easy for quartets, church choirs to sing and play. These songs are all direct messages from the heart and are Stephen's way of sharing God's love with his audience.

This songbook is now available for a donation of $10.00 or more. You will receive a copy of 14 never-before published songs. They are as follows:

Come On And Sing (written about 1994)
You've Got What It Takes Now (written November 1994)
He Is The Light (written about 1995)
I Can Be Happy (written about 1996 or 97)
He Is King (written Fall 2000)
No Ordinary Place (written March 2001)
I Know I Want To Go (written about 2001 or 2002)
Tares Among The Wheat (written April 18, 2002)
Take A Start (written April 18, 2002)
Through His Grace (written May 2002)
Know Why (written in 2002)
My God Is My Provider (written August 2002)
God Is There (written September 2002)
The Age Of Laodicea (written November 18, 2002)

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