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This page is dedicated to all our sponsers who support us, not just with their time and talent, but with their pocketbooks. As everyone knows, creating great music does not come cheap, and running any kind of band or solo has some inherent costs. Yes, even gospel groups have the same problems. We operate as a non-profit.

To all fans: As some of you know, Stephen has been around a while with rare appearances over the years. From the many experiences I've had and the responses I've received in various locations, I know that there are indeed many of you that actually like our music and want to hear me perform. Throughout the years, I've consistently had positive responses in these locations regardless of which church it was. Therefore I am asking that if you are fan of this ministry (and I know that there are many of you that are), that you support this ministry with your love offerings. Thank you for your donations.

To all businesses: We would like to take this time to thank any of the businesses that support us as sponsers. Their names or logos will be displayed here. As a reward for your gift, you can have your name, logo, display ad or placard displayed here. For more infomation, call 800-521-1054 or use the feedback form by clicking on the feedback link to the left of this page. Thank you for your support.

Stephen Jenkins Gospel Brass Orchestra
10300 Road 2238
Union, MS 39365
Ph: 601-562-6777
Stephen Jenkins is a member of ASCAP.

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